ABC Students is all things student, from selecting the best Internet discount deals for students to providing money-saving tips for the next school year. But there is a lot more!

This blog was created to bridge the gap between what schools provide and what students need. Unfortunately, many schools do not provide resources and information for student discounts, deals, savings, test preparation courses, etc. So this blog aims to empower students, especially those high school students preparing to go to college, through accurate information. 

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Who Are ABC Students For?

ABC Students is for middle school or higher students, but it’s also a great resource for parents and teachers. Parents can also take advantage of the savings offered on the blog through curated deals. As they often purchase learning materials and gadgets for their children, they can find some amazing student discounts to save money. 

Teachers can discover learning and tech hacks they can share with their students at school. With the help of the informational blogs from ABC Students, teachers can motivate their students to work smarter and use technology to learn better and quicker. 

Best Student Deals

Whether you’re in middle school, high school, or even college, student life, in general, can be quite tough (and expensive). It would be best if you often had supplies, materials, and gadgets for different projects. When you add up all the costs, school can get pretty expensive pretty fast. But what can make it more affordable is ‘student discounts.’

So many brands and retailers online offer discounts for students. You can make the best of such deals and save money on essentials like laptops, calculators, phones, backpacks, etc. You can even find student deals for mobile and data subscriptions. 

But you don’t have to look all over the Internet, spending hours and hours. At ABC Students, you can find the directions to these discount deals and get first dibs. You can save so much using these discounts and deals!

Tech Tips

As most students work on computers, knowing the little hacks to get things done more easily can save time. At ABC Students, you’ll find a galore of tech tips that will make your life easier and turn you into a bit of a tech wizard. 

When it comes to technology, there are often easy shortcuts designed to increase productivity. So whether you’re working with Windows or Mac, Office or Google Workspace, Photoshop or Illustrator, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of technology.

With Cheatsheets for devices and software, you can get much more done faster. No more late submissions!

These tech tips will not just empower you at school but help you out even when you begin your career. The tech tips blogs on ABC Students will be updated regularly as new versions of operating systems and popular software are released. 


In addition to selecting the best deals off the Internet for students, ABC Students also focuses on money saving. Believe it or not, saving money from a young age can be highly beneficial. You can start saving for the college of your dreams today. 

It’s not just student discounts you can avail of; you can also save considerably by adopting money-saving habits. Shopping from thrift stores, buying used textbooks, taking surveys, etc., can help you save money for the things you need. 

And you’ve probably already heard, ‘little drops make the mighty ocean.’ Saving a buck here and there will have a major impact on your finances as a student. And the helpful blogs on ABC Students will help you do just that!

Test Preparation

Preparing for tests can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to advanced tests like college entrance exams or college-level course exams. Whether taking AP classes or planning to sit for SAT or ACT, the helpful test preparation tips on ABC Students will be your lifeline. 

From time-saving hacks for test preparation to what to expect on the test day, ABC Students is your resource to better prepare for these demanding tests. But these tips will be handy for any test or examination you take, even in college or medical school. 

You’ll also find the latest information on common tests that high schoolers need to take so you stay up to date with any test format or scoring changes. 

And More!

ABC Students offers so much more for students than just discount deals and tips. It’s a one-stop resource for information all students can benefit from. You’ll discover the latest in education, technology, and testing. 

Whether you’re in middle school, starting high school, or in your senior year, you’ll find many topics relevant to your experience at school. You can share these blogs on your social media and help out your friends and other students like you!