12 Best Apps for Medical Students

Medical school students need to absorb masses of information on a daily basis. They have to wade through an ocean of knowledge and retain it for implementation in real-life medical situations. 

With a hectic schedule, many medical students struggle to stay organized in school. Not only that but they need to stay updated about new technologies and medical news in their field. 

In these challenging situations, a helping hand can lighten this daily load. 

Smartphone applications for stress management, daily planning, studying and so forth can be helpful for many students. These apps contain features to boost productivity, increase efficiency, and save time.

This post lists some of the best apps available for medical students. So, let’s explore!

Three Great Study Apps for Medical School Students

Study apps can really improve your ability to absorb information. Take a look at these apps for medical students:


You can never really get away from math in the medical field, right? In medical school, you will need to learn several formulas, especially if you’re a pharmacology student. 

MedCalX is an incredible medical app to help you with simple and complex medical calculations. 

It has a rich database of more than 300 formulas, classifications, scores, and scales in various specializations. These include pediatrics, anesthesiology, fluid and electrolytes, renal, cardiovascular, pulmonology, and more. You can use the all-in-one app as a convenient device for different medical calculations. 

This app is exclusive for iOS users only. However, Android users can use the MDCalc Medical Calculator as an alternative. 


  • Over 300 classifications, scales, scores, and formulas for medical equations
  • Free to use
  • Offers patient management features
  • Result sharing options


Only available for iOS users

Limited content in the free app version

Contains many in-app purchases


The Prognosis app is available for both Android and iOS users. It is designed to help doctors with different diagnoses and treatment skills. 

Doctors need a keen eye for accurate and quick analysis and good data integration skills, and this app can really bolster those skills. In addition, the medical app offers patient data and reality-based clinical cases.

As a medical student, you can practice by applying your diagnostic skills to address conditions prompted by the app. Once done, the results will show the difference between your efforts and recommended treatments. 

The best part about Prognosis is that the app is not only helpful for learning. You can also use it as a game to improve your clinical skills and diagnosis. 


  • Attractive graphics
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Helpful in improving analytical abilities


Limited free cases

Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D

As the name suggests, the Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D app is a handy anatomical application for Windows, Android, and iOS users.  

Anatomy is an essential field that all med students should master. That’s because doctors must know about the human body and its structure to be able to properly diagnose their patients. 

This human anatomy atlas app is designed to offer you comprehensive and vivid images of the human body. It contains an animated 3D model of all bones, joints, and muscles in the body. The app has detailed information about all 145 muscles, including origin, name, nerve supply, action, and insertion.

Additionally, it has seven 3D models that can be manipulated according to what you want to study. With this medical app, you can see how different muscles contract and move with the corresponding joints. You will also benefit from the photos and videos with medical terminology offered as a learning tool. 

To make the learning experience fun and challenging, the app also contains built-in quizzes to test your progress. 


  • A useful reference for medical students learning about the human musculoskeletal system
  • Seven highly detailed 3D models 


  • It may lack details of clinical correlations for musculoskeletal injuries.

Three of The Best Productivity Apps for Medical Students

The following medical apps can help boost your productivity:


Staying focused can be hard if you’re constantly surrounded by distractions. After all, social media, TV series, and video games can all crowd in when you’re trying to prepare for an upcoming quiz. 

However, the Forest app can help solve that problem. It’s an app for Android and iOS users that can improve your concentration by growing a virtual forest. Wonder how?

Each time you plan to complete a task, you plant a new tree. While you spend time completing your task, the tree grows, but if you become distracted, your tree will die. 

The best part is that Forest blocks out websites and social media apps to help you stay focused.

The app can be great for medical students who must stop procrastinating and get work done. If you have a deadline to chase, this app will help you give your studies your undivided attention.


  • Powerful affirmation tools
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Calming sound effects
  • Blocks distractions
  • Easy to use


Less variety in tree species


The Todoist app is an amazing app for Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Browser users. 

The app developers designed the app to help medical students and doctors organize their daily activities. 

That’s because healthcare professionals can have tough schedules and may struggle to manage and balance their time between clinics, studying, self-care, and family.

However, the Todoist app can remind them of all the goals they must achieve for work, study, and fun. The app features a simple to-do list with a clean and systematic interface. This can help you to plan your day and set tasks. 

You can even add reports, assignments, and projects in the app. The planner app can remind you of upcoming quizzes, exams, and assignments deadlines and dates. 


  • Repetitive and regular tasks management 
  • Easy interface


Lacks plug-in for the Safari browser


Ayoa is available on your browser, and Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices. The app can be handy for organizing activities and tasks to increase productivity. 

A complex schedule is difficult to manage. If your routine stresses you out, you may have difficulty studying. Therefore, you need an app with detailed learning analytics to manage your time and study more efficiently. 

Medical school studies focus on a host of topics, some of which can be really challenging to digest. The Ayoa app can help you reduce your study time and learn smartly. 

It offers tools for high-yield learning and to prevent burnout. For instance, you can revise key learning points by making notes on the reference material. This way, you will have better results in your exam. 

Additionally, Ayoa can help you improve your recall abilities and help you focus on tests. The app can arrange your schedule according to subjects and timetables with a revision plan overview. You can also track and review your performance. 

Ayoa lets you build your own flashcards through different combinations of colors, images, symbols, and structures to enhance your memory. 


  • Multiple integrations
  • Tools for communication
  • Easy to use


  • Cloud-based app

Three of The Best Medical Reference Apps for Students

The following medical reference apps can be useful for medical professionals. Let’s take a look:


Epocrates is an ideal medical reference tool for medical students and doctors. The app is available for Android and iOS users and offers tools essential for clinical practice. 

In this app, you can find key information about drugs with their indication, interactions, dosage, and side effects. It can also help you get better grades in pharmacology. Moreover, it will help you review drug prescriptions and create ideal treatment plans for patients. 

Epocrates also offers tools for quick calculations of your patient’s BMI for dietary-related and nutrition recommendations. 

The app is free, although if you want access to additional information for interpreting lab results, disease processes, and alternative drugs, you might consider the Epocrates Essentials paid version. 


  • Useful for medical professionals who need convenient access to drug information
  • Comprehensive details
  • Medical calculator
  • Easy to use


Paid version is expensive


PEPID PEDS is a convenient medical reference app for improving clinical decision-making ability in medical students. It can also be great for emergency department physicians. That’s because the app contains helpful guides for paramedics, pharmacists, and nurses. 

It’s compatible with Android and iOS users and allows you to earn credits for medical education continuously while practicing at a clinic. 

PEPID PEDS has symptom checkers that can help you diagnose patients rapidly while interacting with them. The app also suggests potential pathological conditions affecting your patient.

These suggestions will be based on your cumulative findings, like patient history, diagnostic exam, lab results, and physical exam findings.

Additionally, PEPID PEDS can notify you of possible multi-drug interactions and drug side effects. It can also offer appropriate and safer dosage recommendations. 

As a bonus, you can access clinical procedures and reference videos for accurate physical examinations. The application can also send you push-notification for updated medical research. 


  • Updated information
  • Dosage calculator
  • Lab Manual
  • Allergy checker


Can be expensive


The UpToDate app is ideal for physicians using Android and iOS devices. It offers high-yield medical knowledge for answering important medical questions. 

The app contains updated information that is evidence-based and accurate. It also offers a 24/7 support system that can be useful if you require information urgently. 

The app is available for free, although if you want extra information from the UpToDate database, you can sign up for the paid version. 


  • Updated information
  • Easy to search locations


  • Some links can be hard to obtain

Three Great Apps for Stress Management in Medical Students

A medical student’s life can be quite stressful. These apps might help:


Medical school can bring a lot of anxiety and stress. Students often spend their days studying hard and chasing deadlines for assignments and quizzes. You may also skip sleep and push your limits to finish your tasks. 

To reduce your stress while surviving medical school, AnxietyCoach can help you stay calm. After all, you must take care of your mental health to become a skilled medical professional. 

AnxietyCoach is a free app designed for iOS users by the Mayo Clinic. The app aims to reduce anxiety and stress in medical students. 

The app also includes to-do lists, self-tests, readings, and anxiety ratings. These can be useful for gaining self-awareness about your mood and emotions to manage anxiety.


  • Useful cognitive-behavioral techniques
  • Valuable content with learning and browsing sections
  • Daily anxiety tracking


There should be separate to-do lists for different fears

Editing lists can be difficult


 The MindShift app is designed for  Android and iOS users. The application aims to improve anxiety and stress management with cognitive behavioral therapies.

The app is free to use and can help you relax with great mindfulness practices. It also features journals, tools for quick relief, progress trackers, and challenges to expand your comfort zone. 


  • Evidence-based techniques
  • High-quality audio for sessions and training
  • Attractive interface


Non-interactive text articles

Limited resource links

T2 Mood Tracker

The T2 Mood Tracker application is a simple tool for Android and iOS users to monitor their moods. 

If you’re aware of your mood, you can easily manage your anxiety and stress. This application targets six mental health problems including depression, stress, and anxiety. However, you can customize the app’s scales according to your preference. 

The tracker is presented through charts and graphs to conveniently evaluate your mood. Patients can also use the tracker and share the results with their doctor.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Textual instructions


  • Options to add notes are hard to find
  • No safety alerts for students having negative moods

Final Thoughts

This post contains some of the best apps for medical students. These medical apps are designed to satisfy different requirements.

For instance, medical students struggling to organize their schedules can rely on time management applications like Todoist. You can also download the Forest app to improve your focus. 

Similarly, the study apps for medical students like Prognosis are convenient tools for students to improve their skills. These applications will definitely make you more efficient and help you to survive medical school!

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