How Many Clubs Should I Join in College?

Joining college is like starting a new life, and the first semester of college always seems intimidating. One of the most challenging questions you will ask yourself is: how many clubs should I join in college?

College clubs are a great way to get out of your comfort zone and explore old and new interests in different settings. 

Extracurricular involvement will certainly help reduces stress when you’re at college. However, how do you go about joining a club? What factors should you take into account before considering a specific club? Should you join one, two, or even a whole bunch of clubs? 

What is a College Club?

You join a college club to expand your knowledge about a particular subject. It can either be something you are already majoring in, or some new interests and skills you want to explore. Such clubs are ideal for improving academic performance and also enhancing your resume.  

You will also learn a whole bunch of interpersonal skills by communicating with different kinds of people. You can also build a network and find connections with alumni and professionals.

And it’s a great place to make new buddies. You can channel your positive energy into doing productive activities and this helps reduce all that academic stress. 

When picking a club, there are a wealth of options to choose from, but you need to make a decision that does not distract you from your academic performance and helps you in your career development. 

And here’s how you do it:

Know Your Options

There is an abundance of clubs at any college and you will need to narrow down your choices. If your school offers a lot of clubs, such as community service clubs, political clubs, music, sports and art clubs, then it might be difficult for you to choose one.

You do have the option of signing up for as many clubs as possible. You can sign up for all of them if you like! Email the club members or leaders and join the initial session to see if you can find like-minded people and if getting involved seems worthwhile. You can probably find social media pages of most of the clubs, where you can interact with members and find out more. Your first impression of the clubs and whether you enjoy them will help you decide. 

How do I pick the right clubs?

Once you join meetings and talk to people, you can narrow down the list of the clubs that interest you most. Pick a club that resonates with you and will look good on your resume. Why not pick a new interest or something you are curious about and want to try out? Or you could choose a club related to your major, which will help you gain more practical knowledge in your field. Clubs can be time-consuming, so you need to consider how much free time you are going to have, mainly in the context of your course load.

Of course you will be attending clubs in your free time, so you want to choose something which brings joy and motivates you. So choose wisely!

The Following is a Checklist to Help You Pick the Ideal College Club

  • Will you be able to dedicate enough time to the club?
  • Are you interested in the club’s mission? 
  • Have you examined your interests, tastes and preferences? 
  • Will the club help you in your career development? 

How Many Clubs Should I Join in College?

Most colleges will not limit the number of clubs you may join. But of course you cannot always be everywhere all the time. So, look at it this way: 

  • The First Option:

Join one club and make it your best choice. This can be related to your major to help you in your professional development or be a Plan B . Let’s say your major is Psychology, and you join the photography club. You could even finance yourself by doing freelance photography projects during college and you might keep up that interest after graduation as a fallback profession.

  • The Second Option:

Two are better than one. One club can be associated with your Major, and the other could be a hobby or something new you want to try out.

  • The Third Option:

If you have excellent time management skills, and your idea of fun is learning new things, you can join as many clubs as you like. No one can stop you from going above and beyond.

Ultimately, the choice narrow downs to what you are most comfortable with and how many clubs you want to pick. Without spreading yourself too thin, the plan is to network in real life. To not only find your kind of people but to find a diverse range of different people to sit down with and grow.

You should also be able to balance your academics with club activities. If your interests are diverse, then you should probably set up a proper schedule. And although you might feel pressurized to do it all, don’t let that overwhelm your good sense, but rather do what you think works best.

Let’s talk benefits

You may be wondering about the many benefits of joining college clubs. If so, keep reading!

  • Boosts Your Resume

Your future employers will be interested in what you did beyond your classes. This helps them assess your potential. So, joining college clubs will give your resume that extra something which often secures the job you are applying for.

  • Helps you Make Friends

In a classroom, it can be hard to talk to new people. However, in a club, you already know that the people around you have the same interests, which makes it much easier to strike up a conversation. If you are someone who has trouble making new friends, this is an ideal situation. You will also meet diverse people from different backgrounds and learn more about them. New friendships are important for surviving in college.

  •  Develops a Sense of Community

What better way to develop a sense of community than in a college club? Whether joining a community or building one, you will have a fantastic experience.  In your meetings you can do your favorite activities with others. 

  • Building Networks

Networking is a powerful tool since you never know when and how you might need someone’s help. Whether developing  acquaintances, or making real new friends, networking can help you progress in your career. And this is a real bonus for introverts!

  • Learning Hard and Soft Skills

Whether you take up salsa dancing or frisbee, you will be able to learn those skills in a more practical way. Working with the other club members, you can learn communication and collaboration, and these will help you later when you apply for jobs. 

And in the event that you get leadership roles or become team captain in a particular group, you will also learn leadership and managerial skills, which will be a plus on your resume. 

  • All That Fun

All those Netflix movies have influenced our ideas about having fun in college. But what you don’t notice is that students make groups based on similar interests. And that’s how they have fun! College is not all business and even if it is, who says you can’t enjoy yourself at the same time?

Different Types of Clubs to Join In College

Generally speaking, campus life isn’t as easy as it looks, and to gain new skills, extracurricular activities are essential alongside academic studies and other commitments. 

Are you wondering what other students are doing and which clubs to join? College clubs are different from high school clubs. 

Before joining a club, you should check out these options.

You should also check while filling out your college application forms what clubs are available at other colleges which match your interests.

Religious groups 

These are clubs that focus on faith, religion and spirituality. They help cultivate a sense of well-being across college campuses. 

Drama Club

These are clubs dedicated to allowing students to grow and learn as artists. Students who are passionate about the performing arts, such as theatre, drama, and music will be the perfect fit for this extracurricular group.  

Political Clubs

These are clubs open to all students to voice their opinions about current and past political issues. If you’re keen on discussing and debating political topics then you should consider joining this club. 

Community Service Club

This is the perfect club for students who want to do something for the local community and who have a keen sense of social justice. These clubs involve activism and service to the community.

Academic Clubs 

Based on a specific area of study, academic clubs bring together like-minded people to help them plan and organize activities that help them in their subjects. This may also include science Olympiads.  

Debate club

Whether it is about politics, science, economics or the environment, a debate club is the ideal place for college students who like to talk about the world and are strongly opinionated individuals. 

Media and Publication groups

These are clubs where students can develop their interest in photography, music filming and dance. They get to showcase their talents and pursue their interests. 

Cultural clubs

Colleges have students from all over the world. In a cultural club, you can discover the history, language, dance, music, and even cuisine (yum!) of different cultures, which will undoubtedly broaden your horizons.

Sports clubs 

A club that encourages participation in a particular sporting activity and which often involves intramural sports events organized by the college. 


How to Make the Most Out of Your College Clubs 

Once you have decided which clubs you are keen on, you need to get stuck and enjoy yourself! When you give it your best shot, your efforts will shine on your recommendations and job applications. Don’t hesitate to discuss your favorite topics with your club members. We assure you, you will find like-minded individuals who will support you and create club activities by working together. You can develop programs and customize events to bring more educational value to your college campus. 

What if You Don’t Have the Required Skills to Join a club? 

Clubs are all about learning, so don’t get overwhelmed by all the options. Join a club that interests you, even if you don’t have those skills yet. Being around people with talent, experience and skill will also bring out the best in you. You can learn from them and become better through practice!

What College Clubs will look good on my resume? 

Any clubs that bring out your personality, and show employers how skillful you are, are suitable for your resume. However, the top clubs that look good on resumes are volunteering and academic clubs. These show commitment, dedication, teamwork and leadership. 

Is it okay to join too many clubs in college? 

If you have the time management skills, go for it! However, you probably know the saying: Jack of all trades, master of none! So, it is really up to you. Do you want to learn a bit of everything or really master something specific? Two to three clubs are probably a good average.


To sum up, we have covered how many college clubs you should join and looked at college clubs which assist you in social, personal, professional and career skills development. You will make friends, network, find communities, and enjoy yourself. Ideally, you should choose quality over quantity and join clubs where you can make a proper and full commitment. Keep this in mind — the key is to commit to as many clubs as you like without spreading yourself too thin. 

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