Best Electric Scooters for College Students

Traveling to school can be an enjoyable experience if you have the right source of transport. Thanks to electric scooters, it’s quite easy to travel quickly at an affordable price. Moreover, you can scoot around the campus too.

Whether you’re starting college or university, or you want your children to travel independently, an electric scooter can be the best option in many cases.

Since electric scooters don’t run on fossil fuel there is no risk of carbon emissions. Thus, by using electric scooters, students are also contributing to a cleaner environment by reducing their footprint.

Moreover, electric scooters can help you make a better impression on your friends. Some cool designs offer techy features and intriguing specifications.

So, if you’re wondering what the best electric scooter models in town are, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we will talk about the best electric scooters for college students that provide a reliable and safe option to travel.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Electric Scooter

If you are buying an electric scooter for the first time, it can be incredibly confusing to decide which model is the best option for your needs. Since so many models have versatile features and pricing options, it can be difficult to decide which product to choose.

So, let’s first consider a few quick points about which features to focus on.

Battery Life

As in any electrical device, battery life plays a key role in deciding which bike to pick for your daily commute. In addition, the battery life will determine your traveling range, which must be good enough for at least one round-trip to your college.

If you don’t take this factor into account you are going to end up as a very frustrated driver, hunting for a charging point and having to wait for your scooter to charge before you can go back home. Typically, electric scooters can take up to seven hours to charge completely.

It is therefore very important to consider the battery life and capacity of your scooter to get the maximum range for your traveling needs.


Cost is a major consideration when buying an electric scooter. Generally, the cost can vary depending on the brand name and available features. For example, some electric scooters cost less than $350, while others can sell for more than $2000.

On the other hand, you should also consider an electric scooter as a once-off investment, so in general it is better to look at high-spec models.

For instance, buying an electric scooter with a dual braking system is better because these braking systems are more reliable.

On the other hand, buying a cheap model without a warranty can lead to unnecessary trouble later.  

Speed Modes

Electric scooters have different speed modes too, although this may not be as significant a purchasing factor as you’re only using it for traveling to college. These bikes aren’t as fast as scooters but still provide a decent speed.

That’s why some of these electric scooters are also allowed on walkways because there are very few chances of an accident.

More importantly, you can conveniently navigate through narrow streets and take shorter paths to your school.

Also, since these motors don’t run too fast, it saves precious battery life, helping you to travel long distances on a single charge. Some electric scooters can go up to more than 20 mph.

Braking System

While many braking system options are available, it’s best to go for a rear disc brake. Many scooters also provide a dual braking system which is ideal for stopping your electric scooter instantly.

This is an important feature because you may use your electric scooter in public places with a higher crowd density. Therefore, you may need to apply your brakes quickly to avoid accidents.

Cheaper scooters for college students often just have a foot braking system, but this is not the most reliable option.

Traveling Range

Traveling range can be a critical factor when you’re buying an electric scooter. The range depends on the distance between your home and college.

So, your electric scooter should ideally have a range of about three times the distance between your home and college.

That way, you can easily drive to college and back and still move around the campus itself without worrying about your battery dying.

Some electric scooters have a maximum range of more than 21 miles on a single charge. So, it’s best to pick the model that provides a maximum range.


Electric scooters may need to run on uneven roads and different types of terrains while carrying a substantial load.

Typically, these scooters can carry up to 264 lbs. A scooter must be sturdy and strong while providing the rider with a comfortable ride.

To achieve both durability and performance, electric scooters are often built from aluminum. Some bikes may have iron frames, but aluminum is the most commonly used material for e-scooters.

11 Best Electric Scooters for College Students

Now that you are aware of the main considerations when buying an electric scooter, it’s time to consider your buying options. This section will look at major specifications like traveling range, price and so forth.

Depending on what you can afford and your traveling needs, you should be able to pick a winner from the bunch below:

1PLUS Electric Scooter

The 1PLUS Electric Scooter is among the fastest electric scooters on this list and can provide up to 19 mph speed, thanks to a 450-watt brushless motor. Moreover, the motor produces significant torque which will help you negotiate steep roads without breaking a sweat.

It has a traveling range of up to 17.3 miles thanks to a reliable and long battery life. The 1PLUS is one of the safest options among all electric scooters.

Thanks to the ultra-bright headlight, it provides visibility for up to 15 feet, making it an ideal option for night traveling.

Moreover, the dual braking system includes disc brakes and regenerative anti-locking features. You can therefore safely stop the scooter when you apply the emergency brakes.

The interesting part about this electric scooter is the linked mobile app. You can link the scooter to a mobile device that allows you to check your scooter’s battery life and speed.

Moreover, you can manage different controls like headlights, and locking and unlocking your scooter.

This scooter model seems fun but may be slightly difficult to set up. The instruction manual doesn’t feature clear details about installation. However, it’s a great option for $599.


  • Connects with the mobile app to help manage features seamlessly.
  • The foldable design makes it convenient to carry around.
  • Decent top speed comparable to the top electric scooter brands in the market.
  • Powerful brushless motor for traveling on steep hilly roads.


It can be complicated to set up due to unclear instruction manuals.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Scooter

The Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter features a Lithium Ion battery design with dual batteries and an upgraded motor. In terms of motor power, it is probably the best electric scooter, providing a whopping 800 Watt output.

The Segway ES4 can go up to 19 miles per hour, so it’s also one of the fastest electric scooters on the market. College students who prefer traveling faster and bragging about their “scooting skills” will enjoy this electric scooter!

With the dual battery design, the ES4 provides a 28-mile range, making it an ideal option for daily commutes to college and back.

With a foldable design and sleek, lightweight construction, the ES4 is highly portable too. In addition, the one-step folding design means it’s quick to set up.

There is an anti-locking braking system with shock absorption and a solid tire design. Moreover, there are both electrical and mechanical brakes to ensure better safety.

It’s quite a techy design featuring LED displays, Bluetooth connectivity, and cruise control features which are not that common in electric scooters for college students.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Features a dedicated mobile application.
  • Funky ambient lighting and customization options.


Solid tires don’t absorb enough pressure, so there is a lot of stiffness in the structure.

The riding experience isn’t too comfortable because of poor shock absorption.

Shallow tire treads mean less grip on tricky roads.

Segway Ninebot MAX G30P Electric Scooter

The Segway Ninebot MAX G30P Electric Scooter is among the heavier electric scooters and offers powerful performance and efficiency. This scooter lets you monitor the battery life and riding speed by connecting to a mobile app.

Also, you can see your riding data and upgrade firmware for your electric scooter. A regenerative braking system is ideal for storing additional battery charge.

Even though portability can be an issue because it is not a lightweight scooter, it has all the ingredients for a long-range smooth-riding experience. You will find a 350 Watt motor with a 360Wh battery that can be fast-charged with a 6.5Ah charger.

It is among the fastest electric scooters and can run up to 19 miles per hour, making it an ideal option for urban commuting.

Moreover, shock absorption technology features pneumatic tires made from synthetic rubber. So, your rides are set to be smooth on the toughest of terrains.

The large capacity battery gives it a decent mileage of up to 25 miles at optimum speed.

Moreover, with ride tracking and battery management capabilities, the Segway MAX G30P becomes a handy option among electric scooters for college students.


  • Features a smart app for ride management.
  • Foldable handlebars give it a compact design.
  • A smart-battery management system can help extend the riding range.


Portability isn’t great, thanks to a heavy design.

Segway Ninebot ES2 Electric Scooter

The Segway Ninebot ES2 is another great option from Segway. It’s a great option to impress your friends with a high-speed electric scooter.

It is a more expensive option than some of the electric scooters from Xiaomi, but it’s among the best electric scooters for college students because it guarantees performance and speed.

Generally, the electric scooter models from Segway are quite affordable and rich in specs. The ES2 is no exception. As a result, it’s a great choice for college students who want to zip through the roads and on campus.

It can go up to 15 mph, so it’s much faster than some of the mainstream electric scooter models on the market.

Moreover, it has a neat design with no cables hanging around in the front and provides a decent suspension to absorb sudden bumps and uneven roads.

So, you can enjoy a smooth and fast traveling experience at a relatively cheaper cost. Furthermore, thanks to a strong and robust design, the ES2 can handle shocks and hits, providing much-needed safety to the users.

There is an optional auxiliary battery connection that can help you extend the traveling range. Moreover, it has a mobile app that helps you manage your ride and customize your traveling experience.


  • Provides a mobile app for ride customization and monitoring.
  • The auxiliary battery can enhance the traveling range.
  • Excellent shock absorption thanks to high-quality suspension
  • Neat and simple design.


A slightly pricier option among electric scooters with similar features.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 4 Pro

Xiaomi is a leading brand in the world of Electric scooters. The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 4 Pro is a classic example of performance, power, and efficiency. This electric scooter can scale an incline of 20 degrees thanks to a powerful 700-Watt motor.

These electric scooters can go up to 18.6 mph, making them one of the best electric scooters in terms of speed. Moreover, you can carry it around conveniently because it’s an aluminum-based foldable and lightweight electric scooter.

The Xiaomi Mi 4 Pro features tubeless self-sealing tires, so it’s quite maintenance-free too. Moreover, the tubeless design makes them hard to damage, making them less prone to punctures, and providing a smooth and bump-free traveling experience.

There are three-speed modes, and you can easily select the speed mode with a switch. So, riding the scooter isn’t too difficult.

So, if you’re on the road and want to zip through, you can move to a higher speed. Likewise, you can adjust on walkways and while navigating inside the school.


  • The dual braking system for the front and rear wheels.
  • First electric scooter to receive UL’s Gold Level Certification for IoT Security Rating.
  • The top speed of 18.6 mph is comparable to the best electric scooters for college students.


Quite expensive for a college electric scooter, so the student may have to look for cheaper alternatives.

Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter

The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter has a different kind of design from the other electric scooters mentioned in this list. This electric scooter has a comfortable seat and an additional under-seat cargo option to help you store your items.

Moreover, the seat lets you travel conveniently while sitting, so it’s quite a luxurious ride.

Even though it’s not the lightest scooter on the list, it can be a great option for students who carry additional bags and books.

Performance-wise, the Razor electric scooter is quite powerful. Thanks to a chain-driven motor, it provides an output of 500 watts and can generate a high torque for steep climbing angles.

It has 16-inch pneumatic tires, and the bike can achieve speeds of up to 18 miles per hour. The rear-wheel drive provides better traction and makes it much easier to steer the scooter.

This bike is ideal for fast commuters who don’t need to move around much on campus.


  • Comfortable, padded seats.
  • Under-seat cargo carrier for extra storage.
  • Chained motor rear drive for better traction.


Heavy design and lack of portability.

It can be hard to maneuver this electric scooter in small spaces.

Hi Boy S2 Pro Electric Scooter

The Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter comes with a seat, which makes it a comfortable ride for your college commute. The electric scooter features 10-inch pneumatic tires and the rubber-based design provides for better shock absorption.

A folding mechanism enables you fold up this scooter in three to five seconds, making it really easy to move around. This would be a great option if you’re looking for a lightweight design.

The electric scooter runs on a 500 Watt motor and can go up by 19 miles per hour. As far as range is concerned, the HiBoy S2 can run a decent 25 miles on a single charge. So, it’s the ideal option to consider if you want a long-range electric scooter.

The brushless motor design provides better acceleration, and the build quality is quite sturdy. Moreover, a mobile app controls the locking and unlocking mechanism, so its security features are also quite advanced.


  • Convenient, lightweight design with an aluminum frame and quick-folding mechanism.
  • Decent build quality.
  • Good traveling range means less frequent charging.


Sturdy design but is not suitable for heavier riders.

Pure Air Go Electric Scooter

The Pure Air Go Electric Scooter is a great option for first-timers. The brand is known to produce high-quality electric scooters, and most of its models provide a high-quality riding experience for users.

If you’re looking for something for casual scooting, the Pure Air Go electric scooter might be the ideal option because it has smooth acceleration. Moreover, it is lightweight and among the best budget scooters in the market.

The Pure Air Go is a great ride on smooth and even terrain, although it is not as efficient on slopes. In other words, it may not be the ideal option for students who have to travel daily through more challenging terrain.


  • Provides great traveling range.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Waterproof design.


Doesn’t have any cruise control features.

Weak motor lock.

Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter

The Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter is a techy electric scooter which is ideal for outdoor activities and urban commutes. It has a lightweight design which makes it easy to maneuver around campus.

If you are on a large campus and have permission to ride these electric scooters, the Pure Air Pro could be a great option.

This electric scooter can go up to 15.5 mph, so it’s not the fastest model in the market. However, it boasts a decent 22-mile range over a single charge, so you won’t need to worry about recharging the bike midway during your school day.

It’s one of the sturdier options for an electric scooter, bearing up to 120 kg of payload.

Moreover, it has a water-resistant design thanks to its IP65 rating. So, this might just be your perfect riding partner when you want to take a spin in the rain!


  • The heavy payload of up to 264 lbs.
  • Provides a decent 22-mile range.
  • IP 65 water-resistant design ideal for extreme weather conditions.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Extremely durable.


Not the most affordable option.

Doesn’t have the best top speed.

GoTrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter

The Go Trax GXL V2 provides a solid ride thanks to its 5-inch pneumatic tires which provide better traction and a comfortable ride. Moreover, it is very different from regular e-scooters because of its off-road capabilities. It can travel on uneven surfaces without breaking a sweat.

The 250-watt motor provides sufficient power to run the e-scooter up to 15.5 mph. Hence, it may not be the fastest e-scooter, but it has a decent payload of up to 220 lbs. 

There is a 36V battery that provides a range of up to 12 miles at optimal speed. The battery isn’t too large, so it only takes around 4 hours to charge completely.  

The GoTrax GXL V2 is a portable electric scooter which makes it highly convenient for college commutes and traveling around the college campus. Moreover, there are different riding modes to accommodate different rider preferences. 


  • Great portable design.
  • Provides better traction on tricky surfaces.
  • A payload of 220 lbs means anyone can ride it.


Only provides a 12-mile range, much less than some of the other models.

Xiaomi MiJia QiCycle Folding Electric Bike

The Xiaomi MiJia QiCycle Folding Electric Bike has probably the most unique design of all the electric scooters on this list. This is much like a bicycle that runs on assistive electric power and is ideal for biking enthusiasts because of its foldable design.

It has an onboard computer which provides the user with the bike’s mileage, speed, and power data, and can store up to 30 days of riding data.

So, while it may be a great option for college, it’s equally good for off-road adventures and trails. 

It has a foldable design and a sturdy bike frame. Thanks to its aluminum construction it is incredibly lightweight and can hold a weight of up to 220 lbs.


  • Off-roading and college-commute friendly.
  • The foldable design makes it easier to manage.


  • The brake cables stick out, which makes it slightly tacky.


Electric scooters are pretty common for college and school-going students. However, if you have never bought an electric scooter before, this section should help you answer the most critical questions about E-Scooters.

Q. Should I Buy a Standard Scooter or an Electric Scooter?

Standard scooters don’t have the same range of features as electric scooters. Therefore, most riders find electric scooters the ideal option because of their wide range of specs and features.

Q. What are the Main Advantages of Electric Scooters vs. Standard Scooters?

Students going to college may not need a high-powered bike. Generally, electric scooters are designed to provide optimal speed, performance, and durability.

These bikes are ideal for traveling between classes, dorms and laboratories. This is a significant advantage of an electric scooter over a standard scooter.

Moreover, the folding mechanism of an electric scooter means you can pick it up and simply carry it around, which would be somewhat more difficult to do with a standard bike!

For a user, electric scooters can provide greater convenience and comfort, whether traveling by foot or on the scooter itself.

Q. Do I Need Highly Advanced Features in an Electrical Scooter?

If you’re a college student, you may not need highly advanced features in your electric bike. Apart from a few scooters, most electric scooters offer fairly standard features that include decent battery power, high-torque motors, decent build quality, and front and rear brakes.

These are all the features that will probably need as a college student. So, unless you’re a professional racer or high-speed biking enthusiast, you won’t need any advanced features in your electric scooter.

Q. Do Fewer Features Mean A Lower Price?

The best thing about electric scooters is their low price. Because they only have basic features, they are fairly cheap compared to standard bikes. 

Therefore, most of these electric scooters are budget-friendly and affordable for students who may already be low on pocket money. 

Q. What Makes Electric Scooters So Special?

Electric scooters are purpose-built vehicles. Most scooter brands keep the riders in mind, which means there are more personalized features and specifications for the users to work with. Generally, these scooters have rechargeable batteries and hub motors to provide users with easy control and a great riding experience. 

Q. Which Batteries are Best for Electric Scooters?

If you’re a student and need a long-range battery, then Lithium-Ion batteries would probably be the best option. That’s why most electric scooters have these types of batteries.

Moreover, some electric scooters offer a removable battery, so charging them is easier.

Other scooters may have non-removable batteries, making them slightly trickier to charge, especially in a confined space. 

Q. Do All Electric Scooters Have Speed Modes?

Electric scooters may or may not have different speed options. However, this doesn’t matter much for college students because they usually operate at relatively lower speeds. Typically, speed modes are designed to provide cruise control and easy maneuverability. Most electric scooters stay within the 20mph top speed limit. 

Q. Why is a Dual Braking System So Useful in Electric Scooters?

Some scooters only have foot brakes or electronic brakes. However, the dual braking system is a winner that provides better traction during bad weather and can stop the scooter immediately.

Moreover, combining these braking systems with a dual suspension system can make your riding experience much smoother and more enjoyable. 

Q. How Do Electric Scooters Help College Students?

Commuting between school and home and on campus can be tiresome. This is especially true if you have a large campus with multiple blocks. So, an electric scooter will help you move easily around campus without having to worry about battery capacity and remaining charge.

If you have an electric scooter with decent battery life, it should last for the entire day. Moreover, electric scooters are very cheap and last for a long time. So, they are a perfect option for short-distance commutes, whether that is inside the college or around your neighborhood. 

Moreover, these are some of the lightest scooters on the market. Their foldable design makes them easy to maneuver, no matter where you go. 

Q. Are Electric Scooters Eco-Friendly?

Electric scooters can be extremely good for the environment. They help reduce environmental pollution because they don’t use fossil fuel. Moreover, if you can combine them with solar or renewable energy charging stations, it can help fight many environmental problems related to carbon emissions. They don’t produce any toxic fumes and use a clean source of energy for their operations.

Q. How Fast Can You Go on an Electric Scooter?

Typically, electric scooters are not designed for high-speed operations. However, they can reach speeds of nearly 22 mph, so they do provide a decent traveling speed for commuters. Moreover, thanks to a low-speed operation, electric scooters can easily make it through car parking, walkways, and skating arenas as well. 

Q. Are Electric Scooters Safe?

Since electric scooters don’t run at high speeds, they are considerably safer than some other modes of transport. They have a low maximum speed, and many of these bikes contain advanced safety tools and features to make your riding experience more enjoyable. For instance, there are rear lights, dual brakes, a decent weight limit indicator light, and night lights. This makes them  quite easy to use any time of the day or night.

Q. Do All Electric Scooters Have a Mobile App?

Most modern electric scooters have a smartphone app that helps riders to manage their ride details, monitor battery life, and traveling speed. These smart apps give you a complete overview of how well you are riding and how you can customize your electric scooter.

Q. What are Some Reasons to Avoid an Electric Scooter?

There are a couple of reasons which might make you avoid buying an electric scooter. Firstly, electric scooters don’t have a high resale value because they are already quite cheap. Hence, buyers can easily find a low-budget electric scooter without having to consider second-hand options. So, if you are looking for good resale value electric scooters may not give you a high return. 

Secondly, electric scooters are mainly designed for smooth and even surfaces. So, while they are great for urban commutes, these scooters aren’t ideal for trails and off-road adventures. Moreover, they often lack decent climbing power, so riders may struggle going uphill on them. 

Also, if you want a long-range vehicle, electric scooters won’t give you any significant advantage. Typically, they can run up to 20 miles on a single charge, so if you want anything for a longer commute, then it’s best to stay away from electric scooters. 

Q. Are E-Scooters Allowed on Campus?

Before you buy an electric scooter, it’s best to confirm if you will be allowed to use them on campus. Some campuses and schools allow electric scooters within a specific speed limit. Generally, there is a maximum speed limit of around 15 mph.

However, some schools don’t allow these vehicles because of safety concerns and congested space inside the campus.


Electric scooters can provide several benefits to college students by making their lives easier. They can reduce their traveling time and costs and give them a convenient option to move around on campus too.

With a decent maximum speed, an electric scooter can also provide an easy daily commute within your neighborhood. The electric scooter brands that we examined in this article are generally easy to move around and provide sufficient battery power and backup with smooth ride quality.

You can pick your riding mode and travel at different speeds. So, if you were wondering if there is a decent electric scooter for students, you are now completely up to speed! 

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