Twelve Best Texas Schools for Pre-med Students (2022 – 2023)

Finding the best pre-med schools in Texas has always been challenging. What’s the hype all about? It’s all about bigger and better opportunities!

Texas is the Lone Star State and the name suggests the way it goes about supporting its population all by itself: economically, socially, and medically. It is the state with the second-highest population in the U.S. Ultimately, Texas offers more significant educational opportunities for medical students.

Are you looking to enroll in a four-year bachelor’s degree program at a medical school in Texas? Here’s a detailed guide with interview and application materials to help you through the complete admissions process.

What are The Best Pre-med Schools in Texas?

Moving forward with your medical school admission process, you must first decide on your course. The pre-med program is not a complete course for a bachelor’s degree but only a regular pre-med advising track for students.

The pre-med track helps you get the gist of all the requirements needed to choose your major. No matter the different types of health professions, every medical major has a preferred pre-med course.

Today, we are reviewing the top twelve best pre-med schools in Texas for current medical students.

  • Baylor University of Texas

The Baylor University of Texas is one of the top medical schools in Texas. It is affiliated with medical and dental programs, all available for hardworking eligible students. In addition, the university has a self-created Pre-medical/Pre-dental Advisory Committee that reviews all admission applications.

The committee checks each student’s eligibility based on their interview and sends the report back to the student’s requested schools list through the Pre-Health Office. The report efficiently helps students pick the pre-med schools for their desired study courses.

The committee works with the Baylor College of Medicine to select four first-year students for the “Baylor Square” program and offers an $80,000 scholarship to one of these lucky students. Medical programs offered at the Baylor College of Medicine and University include many hands-on professional workshops, student organizations, and research opportunities.

  • Rice University

Rice university ranks among one of the best Texas universities offering elite pre-med programs. The university has a unique student working body called the Rice Pre-Medical Society (RPMS), which brings new ideas to guide pre-med students.

Rice university also offers a unique mentorship solution called the Little Owl Program. This connects Rice students with physicians, medical residents, healthcare professionals, and medical school committee members.

Furthermore, the university runs an Annual Medical Speaker Conference that promotes healthy interaction between Rice students and healthcare leaders.

  • Texas Health Science Center

Ranked number 47 in the list of the best medical schools for undergraduate research opportunities, the University of Texas is the dream of every medical student.

The university only accepts students based on an exceptional performance. Students are tested for a particular set of skills. The university prepares students for future postgraduate programs or relevant pre-med jobs in their field of interest.

The Texas Health Science Center opposes gender discrimination and therefore supports education for all by enrolling 46.8% females and 53.2% males.

  • Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas

Southwestern University is a small liberal arts college for students which focuses on the fine arts, music, and the medical sciences.

The university promotes healthy student extracurriculars by offering 40 other major courses and 36 minor ones. You can pursue various academic interests besides your major in the health and research field at this private university.

Southwestern University has helped students stand firm in their professional lives. The average admissions rate for postgraduate S.U. students is 43%, higher than any public university.

  • The University of Texas in Austin, Texas

Texas University in Austin is a part of the extensive public university system that offers more than 156 undergraduate programs for pre-med students.

The university single-handedly graduates almost 50,000 students a year. Being a graduate here is an achievement in and of itself. There are 25 different student organizations to help you choose your profession according to your interest.

There are also many clinical volunteer opportunities where you can gain practical experience in the medical field.

  • Memorial Health System

The Memorial Health System is an extensive non-profit healthcare system which has been active in southeast Texas for more than 30 years. This is not to mention the multiple healthcare services of numerous hospitals and medical Institutes.

Memorial Health is located inside the world’s largest medical complex, Texas Medical Center in Houston. With all its extended branches, the system provides an excellent opportunity for all medical students.

Students can visit the facilities, interact with patients, learn from the physician mentors, and witness all healthcare activities provided by the medical school.

  • Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University lets you choose your desired subjects while pursuing your medical degree. This small liberal arts university offers a long list of courses: Business, Biochemistry, Psychology, Journalism, Engineering, Music, Arts, or Political science.

The university has a very high acceptance rate of 57% (per recent stats for 2020.) So, students have a pretty good chance of subsequent admission to the medical school of their choice.

Students can hone their skills by visiting multiple healthcare facilities affiliated with SMU. These include the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, the Baylor Health Care System, the Area Health Education Center (AHEC), Agape Clinic, and the Texas Children’s Hospital.

  • Texas Woman’s University

Texas woman’s university is one of the best pre-med schools in Texas for all female students. Even after 1972, when the university became co-educational, the focus has always been more on female education. As a result, the student ratio is 90% female to male.

Texas Woman’s University offers a variety of pre-med subjects to choose from. These include businesses, healthcare, nutrition, the arts, and other medical sciences.

The university also offers specialized degree plans for major pre-med subjects like a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology and Biochemistry.

  • Trinity University of San Antonio, Texas

According to news rankings, Trinity University holds the best record of 90% pre-med students successfully obtaining admission to medical schools. In addition, the students not only clear their courses but score an average of 3.6 GPA, a score which is preferred for many health professions.

Trinity University offers practical pre-med courses like Health Economics, Biomedical Ethics, Illness, and Society. In addition, it pushes its students toward the best possible opportunities by offering one-on-one tutoring options.

Trinity pairs students with multiple learning, networking, and volunteering opportunities using the American Medical Student Association.

  • Sam Houston State University, Texas

The Sam Houston State University in Texas has an affiliated College of Osteopathic Medicine. Therefore, students who want a certified degree from the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association should apply to Sam Houston college.

The Osteopathic College provides students with a four-year degree in Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.). In addition, the osteopathic pre-med program includes a two-year curriculum of theory and research plus, two further years of patient care and volunteering for osteopathic services.

  • Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University has a high student acceptance rate of almost 80% for most medical schools. The rigorous coursework and excessive mentorship they offer to each student are exceptional. No wonder most TCU students are serving at more than 15 clinical institutions in Fort Worth.

The best aspects of the institute are the medical research library, personalized mentors, impactful clinical rounds, and multiple volunteer opportunities. The highly educated faculty also puts in a good word for the students, which is another huge benefit for applicants trying to obtain admission to any postgraduate pre-med school.

Best Pre-med Schools for Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a terrible and confusing health condition. It has taken years and years of extensive research and hard work to come up with possible treatments. Teaching all of that information in a four-year course is impossible. So, oncology institutes divide the course into short but effective chapters. Students learn about the side effects, causes, diet management, and treatment plan for cancer patients.

Texas has numerous oncology hospitals that provide extensive knowledge and training on cancer treatment. The institutes offer valuable cancer-specific educational resources and on-site practical training 

The following are some of the best medical centers to get a solid education on cancer treatments. 

  • Dell Children’s Medical Center

(Prioritizing pediatric care hospital in Austin, Texas)

  • Fox Chase Cancer Center

(A comprehensive cancer care center for research and treatment)

  • Anderson Cancer Center

(The most significant cancer care center in Houston, Texas)


Which is the Number One medical school in Texas?

Baylor University is undoubtedly the #1 medical school to study at in Texas. It offers a knowledge-based medical course along with direct on-site experience.

Many hospitals like Temple University Hospital enable Baylor students to practice their skills and get hands-on direct hospital experience.

What is the most accessible pre-med school to get into in Texas?

Universities in Texas calculate the overall stats for every medical school applicant. This is based on their acceptance rate, eligibility criteria, required MCAT scores, and average GPA. According to our research and observations, Texas Health and Science Center at Fort Worth offers the easiest admission for pre-med students. 

Another top-list Texas medical school you should consider applying to is the University of Texas in Dallas, Texas. As per our knowledge, it is also relatively easy to get into the the pre-med course at this university. Full of young, ambitious students and excellent qualified faculty, the university provides some tough competition to all other institutions. The best part is that the admissions requirement for the average SAT score is low and lenient.

Is Texas A&M University a good medical school?

Texas A&M is a good pre-med school that offers plenty of support to educate students in the professional healthcare field. It ranks 80th on the World’s Top Medical Schools list for students wanting admission. 

You can easily apply to the Texas A&M School of Medicine and get yourself enrolled in the pre-med Fellowship program. The program offers multiple prep courses completely free of charge.


Getting admission into your desired pre-med school in Texas is no longer a problem. With a bit of guidance and dedicated effort on your part, you can easily apply to your favorite medical college and study all the major medical courses. 

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