How to check your JAMB results

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) of Nigeria enables candidates who have completed the JAMB exams to check their Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results in the convenience of their homes.

Therefore, candidates can quickly check their results online via the official JAMB portal. In addition, there are several convenient ways to check your JAMB results via SMS and your online JAMB profile.

Knowing your JAMB results can be critical in determining your eligibility if you’re looking for a higher education program. This post will focus on the different ways to check your JAMB results in 2022.

Why Is it Important to Know Your JAMB Results?

While there can be many reasons to check your JAMB results, the most important is that it helps determine your eligibility to study at a university.

For instance, you must know your JAMB results to secure admission to an institution of higher learning.

Depending on your JAMB score, you may be eligible for different educational programs.

Moreover, if you know how to check your JAMB results, you can also help your friends and family to check their results for the JAMB exam.

Quick Look at JAMB

Your JAMB results show relevant information about your performance. Previously, students who wanted to confirm their JAMB results needed a scratch card.

However, it’s also pretty convenient to check your JAMB score via SMS or the JAMB registration number on the JAM portal.

Since JAMB examinations are computer-based, there is automatic scoring, and all the candidates are scored instantly at the time of the examination.

That’s why the UTME JAMB results are usually issued fairly quickly.

Generally, the results are submitted to JAMB via the system and are reviewed once for any adjustments before being announced on the official portal.

The results are then uploaded online, making it convenient for users to access them. The JAMB UTME results are typically available within two days of the exam.

What are the JAMB Examination Results?

Students that sit for a JAMB examination can check their results via the results checker portal. Regardless of how the candidates performed, the JAMB results will display the necessary information for all candidates who sat for the JAMB examinations.

What’s in the JAMB Exam Results?

The JAMB results show all the relevant information about the candidate and their performance in different JAMB exams.

Regardless of how you check the JAMB results, you will receive the following information:

  • Your Personal Details
  • Individual Score in each subject
  • Total JAMB Score

How to Check Your JAMB Results in 2022

To check your JAMB results, you must first get your registration number. Next, you will need a smartphone or a desktop computer to access the portal.

You can also receive your results over a regular mobile phone that doesn’t have internet access.

So, here are a few ways to check your JAMB score:

Accessing the JAMB SMS Results with USSD/SMS

First, let’s talk about using your SIM card details to access your JAMB results. Then, you can use the SMS service to find your JAMB UTME results. For that, you need to follow these steps:

Confirm your Mobile Credit balance

JAMB results SMS charges are pretty low. Still, you must ensure that you have at least ₦50 in your mobile account.

Moreover, ensure you’re using the same phone number you used for your JAMB registration. The results are only available to registered mobile numbers.

Open the Text Message App on Your Phone

Open the messaging app on your phone. This option is convenient for users who may not have a smartphone facility.

Type Your Message

Proceed to type your message. For UTME results, type in UTMERESULTS. Make sure to type the text as is. It’s all caps without any spaces.

Send it to JAMB

Next, you must send your message to JAMB. For that, type in the number for the JAMB portal.

Wait for JAMB’s Reply

Typically, you should receive a response shortly after sending the message. The JAMB portal will reply with the exact status of your results.

What Results Can You Expect in Reply?

The results will be sent to you in the form of an SMS shortly afterward. You can expect any one of the following replies from the JAMB portal:

Invalid Phone Number

If you used an invalid phone number, you will receive a message indicating that the number was not used for registration.

This is a security feature which prevents anyone else from accessing your results.

Results Withheld

If you end up in a category where the examiners are undecided whether to pass you or not, your results may be withheld temporarily. In that case, you will receive a ‘Results Withheld Pending’ message indicating that the results have been upheld pending a decision by the board.

In this case, you may need to submit additional documents to obtain your results.

The portal will send you a ‘Results Withheld’ message if your results are withheld.

Unauthorized Access

If someone was not registered and gained unauthorized access to the examination hall, they would receive a message saying, “Invalid Entrance into the Exam Hall.”


Candidates absent from the exam will receive a ‘Candidate Absent’ message. Remember that every message starts with a salutation followed by the details about your results.

Access the JAMB Results Portal With Your Registration Number

Checking your JAMB score is even simpler with the registration portal. It’s common for candidates to check the JAMB UTME results on the JAMB portal. That’s because you don’t need a specific mobile SIM, and you can use any device with internet access to check your JAMB results.

In this case, you need to get your JAMB registration number. After that, you can check the JAMB score for the four Unified tertiary matriculation examination subjects. Here is what you need to do.

Logon to the Official JAMB Results Page

Open the web browser on your desktop. You can use any browser, but Google Chrome is a good option. If you’re an iPhone user, you can use the Safari web browser too.

On your browser, navigate to the official results checker page for JAMB results. Visit

Enter Your JAMB Registration Number

You should see a textbox on the JAMB results checker page. Enter your registration number or the registered mobile number.

Navigate to the ‘Check My Results’ Menu

The website menu will give you a ‘Check My Results’ option. Click on this option and navigate to the results page. The resulting page will have your UTME results and credentials.

However, the page can take a few extra seconds to load. That’s because there might be many JAMB candidates trying to access the webpage at the same time. Therefore, you must be patient at this point.

Once the page loads, the JAMB results checker portal will show you the UTME results.

How to Get the Original JAMB Results Slip

Getting hold of the original slip/report of JAMB results is quite important for many reasons. Typically, these slips are used for future verification when you’re applying for college admission.

You can access the results slip when you check the results online. However, you must first pay ₦1,000 on the JAMB portal to get permission to print the original slip. Remember that the original slip has a passport-sized photo embedded in it.

It means that even though you can access your JAMB results 2022 via SMS, you will need an online account on the official portal to access the results slip.

Printing the Slip from the JAMB Portal

After you have paid for the original slip, you should have permission to print the slip. This prevents you from having to stand in long queues at local offices, and you can conveniently get the original hard copy for your JAMB results 2022.

To print the slip, follow these simple steps:

Go to the JAMB results portal and login with your credentials.

Locate the ‘Print Results Slip’ option on the left of your page. Then click on the ‘Continue with Payment’ option to pay the printing fee. This option lets you pay via Remita.

Once payment is completed, enter your JAMB registration number and select the UTME year. Complete the required column with your relevant details and proceed to the results.


How Long Does it Take to Check My JAMB Results with USSD/SMS?

The SMS procedure is pretty fast. You should get a reply in as little as five minutes. However, if you want to print your results slip, using the JAMB portal would be a better option.

Can You Print the Results Slip From the JAMB Portal?

It’s quite simple to print your results slip. If you have your registration number, you can log in to the JAMB portal from any desktop or mobile browser and print directly from the portal.

Is it Necessary to Print Your JAMB Results?

Printing your JAMB UTME results isn’t necessary. However, candidates will need an original JAMB results slip for clearance purposes to apply to an educational institution.

Can I Use Another SIM Card to Check my JAMB Results?

You can only use your registered mobile number to check your JAMB results. No other number is allowed to access the site.

What is UTME and How Long Does it take to Receive my UTME Results?

UTME stands for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. It’s the examination standard in Nigeria. Generally, you can get your UTME results within 48 hours of the test. For instance, if you appeared in an exam on Monday, you could visit the results checker portal on Wednesday to find out the results.


Accessing your JAMB results is quite a simple process, and you can quickly find out your standings for your JAMB examination. So, if you were wondering how to check your JAMB results, now you have different ways of doing so.

This way you can avoid frustrating delays and quickly check your UTME results.

However, if there is still any confusion or you’re unable to receive your JAMB score online, it’s best to contact JAMB support. You can also try visiting the nearest office to register your complaint.

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