How to Resign from Amazon – Complete Guide

Do you know that one in five employees plan to quit their jobs in 2022? Although resigning from employment is not easy, people quit their jobs every day, even if they work at Amazon.

Working in a global e-commerce giant like Amazon is a prestigious job, but you never know what life will throw at you and you may end up in a situation where you have to resign.

You might have to contact the local Human Resources (HR) office to clarify the resignation process and serve a two weeks’ notice period. But the Amazon resignation process is not as simple as it seems. Since Amazon has employed over 1,600,000 employees during its lifespan as a company, it’s not easy to manage such a huge workforce.

This article will give you a detailed overview of how to resign from an Amazon job in the right way.

Two Ways to Resign from an Amazon Job

When you quit Amazon, the company considers it a “voluntary termination.” One benefit of applying for resignation in this way is that you don’t need to serve a two weeks’ notice period. Just resign from Amazon and move right on with your life!

However, your resignation must be legitimate. Otherwise, you might face the consequences, including legal issues due to not following the right way to resign from Amazon.

But what is the right and wrong way of quitting an Amazon job? There are two right ways to leave an Amazon job. Unfortunately, many employees don’t follow either of these methods and then face legal consequences.

Often, they are stressed and can’t think clearly, and then just stop working. This is known as “job abandonment” at Amazon and it contravenes their strict employment policies, which can even send you to court for not following the correct resignation procedures.

So, you must remember the following two ways to resign from Amazon. These are the correct methods as suggested by Amazon.

Resigning from Amazon via the Local Human Resources Office

Every Amazon department has an HR department to hire employees. That department is run by at least one HR officer who carries out the following tasks:

  • Search for suitable candidates for the Amazon job.
  • Offer them employment.
  • Schedule a test and an interview.
  • Talk to employees and listen to their concerns.
  • Organize events, and much more.

You already know how big Amazon is. That means Amazon’s HR departments have more than one HR officer. That also means Amazon’s HR departments have a hierarchy which manages employee-related activities.

So, the first method is to contact your HR person and write a resignation letter. Your resignation letter must include the following details:

  • Full name
  • Designation
  • The last day you will be working for Amazon
  • Contact information

You can also include additional details like your reason for quitting, complaints, and suggestions.

The best way to resign from Amazon is through your Human Resources department, which means you act in good faith and you remain on good terms with Amazon.

Resigning from Amazon via the A to Z App

The second method of resigning from Amazon is through the A to Z app. The A to Z app allows Amazon workers to manage their work life. Employees can download the app and create an account using their unique employment ID.

The app provides several features for Amazon workers, like:

  • Employee profile
  • Submit time-off requests
  • Claim overtime
  • Check news and updates, and more

The Amazon A to Z app allows employees to resign by submitting a form. Here’s how to do that.

Submit Resignation Form on A to Z App

  1. Launch the A to Z app.
  2. Scroll down on the home screen and find the option “Thinking of leaving amazon?”
  3. Tap that option.
  4. Fill out the form and submit it.

Once you submit the resignation form, the system will generate a trouble ticket against your Amazon employee ID. That means your resignation process has begun. You will also receive a voluntary termination email to confirm your request.

The email is usually delivered a few days after submitting the online form through the A to Z app. Meanwhile, you can keep working and serve the notice period. That will be recognized by the system when your resignation notice is finalized.

Bear in mind that you must resign through your HR department if are on level three or higher with Amazon. If that is the case, then you cannot simply resign via the app.

Yearly Resignation Offer

Some Amazon facilities have a scheme called “The Offer” which is available in January. This is a resignation offer which provides a handsome bonus ranging from $1,000 – $5,000. Therefore, if you plan to resign from Amazon, wait for January to avail yourself of this resignation bonus.

Please bear in mind the following if you are applying for The Offer at your Amazon facility:

  1. You will never be able to work for Amazon or its affiliates ever again.
  2. There is a 30% tax on the resignation bonus.

So, you should carefully consider whether to apply for the resignation offer and to quit Amazon with no chance of being hired by them again.

Benefits of Voluntary Termination

The biggest advantage of this type of resignation is that Amazon can hire you again if you are eligible according to the rehiring policy. Once positions open at Amazon, you should be able to reapply for the relevant position and wait for their reply.

If the Human Resources department at Amazon retrenched you for no serious reason, you are still eligible to be hired again. However, violating their policies will get you a permanent ban from working for Amazon.

Another benefit is that you can collect from the unemployment fund if you leave the job due to reasons like:

  • Health issues
  • Studies
  • Other personal reasons

Remember that you are not eligible to collect unemployment if you were fired for poor performance.

Vacation Benefits at Amazon

You get paid vacations while working at Amazon. You can send the vacation request through the A to Z app or write a formal request to HR. However, you should check out the Amazon vacation criteria before applying.

The employee system calculates your vacation hours and sends you a report at the end of every year. Taking a break from work by applying for a vacation is good for your health.

However, due to the massive workload, HR might decline your request if you apply for vacation during Amazon’s busy season.

Paid Time Offs (PTOs) at Amazon

Amazon employees also get PTO points, so make the best of those points before leaving your job. The PTO points will also give you more time to finalize your decision.

Another Way to Quit Your Amazon Job

Apart from the two formal resignation methods above, you can go for a third option. This is not really a proper way to resign from Amazon, but some people use this method to leave Amazon quickly and to start a new job.

This method is to simply call your supervisor and tell them that you are quitting Amazon. Some employees also submit a resignation letter to their managers and expect a smooth resignation.

However, their supervisor or manager might forget to submit the letter on their behalf, which can create problems for you. So, not following the proper steps can lead to a bad impression.

This method can also play havoc with the Human Resources department when your resignation letter doesn’t reach them. As a result, your tasks will remain unfinished when you stop working for Amazon without giving notice.

When you quit your job without formally notifying HR, you might create chaos in your department, especially if you are a level three or higher employee.

Why Do People Leave Their Amazon Job?

Do you know that Amazon’s turnover rate was 159% in 2020? So, although Amazon might look like a sterling industry in terms of its profits, you never know how the workers might suffer on the job.

An Amazon warehouse job is a tough gig as it requires serious physical exertion. In addition, since Amazon works non-stop, its warehouse workers often keep working after completing their shifts.

Health Issues

Some Amazon employees also suffer from illnesses like:

  • Depression
  • Physical stress
  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

Worker Burnout

Amazon also expects its workers to give maximum input on the job to satisfy the customers, but this places high demands on the workers who can often end up injured or ill. This is one of the reasons why reports show high injury rates at Amazon.

Low Promotions

Another reason is that not every Amazon facility offers promotions on a regular basis. Some facilities might never commit to any promotions, so workers who can afford to quit their job at Amazon quickly leave the company.

But workers who live hand to mouth are forced to work in such a disastrous culture to fulfill their basic needs.

Unfriendly Working Culture

Some Amazon workers complain that their facility is unsupportive and fails to maintain harmonious relationships with them. This kind of behavior keeps the workers and lower management under stress.

While senior management seldom takes notice, workers at Amazon warehouses keep working under pressure and then are forced to leave Amazon for all these reasons.

Amazon’s Rehiring Policy

After reading about leaving Amazon, you might have thought that Amazon would never hire you again. But the good news is you can rejoin Amazon and resume your career. However, there are two basic conditions for rejoining Amazon.

Good Employment History

This condition is enforced by most organizations as it prevents employees with a bad work history from rejoining. Amazon also follows the same pattern because of its reputation.

Amazon employees with a bad employment record can’t rejoin because of several reasons, including:

  • Amazon’s reputation is at stake
  • Other Amazon employees suffer due to one poor worker
  • The relationship with customers, suppliers, and partners is affected

There could also be other reasons, which you can find on other online platforms where Amazon case studies are discussed. Since Amazon has become a global icon with over 12 million products on offer, retaining an employee with a poor working record can make things difficult for Amazon.

Obviously, not every Amazon employee is a perfect worker. That’s why you will find multiple Amazon training programs in the world.

The 90-Day Gap from Leaving Amazon to Rejoining

The 90-day period is another condition that you must fulfill before rejoining Amazon. The Amazon workers’ database records the performance of the employees and their length of employment. So, you can’t dodge the Amazon rehiring process by applying before 90 days have passed.

Remember that Amazon will only consider rehiring you if you quit Amazon without violating policies such as damaging property or harassing other workers. Therefore, if you keep your employment record clean, you will probably be considered eligible to be rehired by Amazon.

Some facilities might set a limit of 90 – 365 days for rehiring. You can check such policies by visiting the official website of the Amazon facility at your location.


Can I Resign Immediately from Amazon?

Yes. You can resign from Amazon immediately without serious consequences if you are still in the training period. The best way is to write a resignation letter and send it to HR. Another way is by resigning via the Amazon A to Z app.

The A Z app is easy to use and will forward your completed online form to the correct department. You might also get a follow-up call regarding your resignation.

Does Amazon Require Two Weeks’ Notice?

No. Amazon doesn’t require a two week notice period from employees who resign.

What Happens if You Quit Amazon?

Amazon might hire you again if there is a job opening. However, Amazon will never hire you again if you have already taken the annual resignation bonus. On the other hand, Amazon might hire its terminated employees again if there has been no serious policy violation.

When Does Amazon Rehire Its Employees?

The Amazon rehire process begins within 90 – 365 days. However, the period varies from facility to facility.

How Much Does Amazon “Pay” You to Resign?

The resignation bonus can range from $1,000 – $5,000.

Final Words

It’s better to notify Amazon and its human resources about your actual resignation by formally notifying them. It leaves a positive impression and increases your chance of being hired again. You also don’t need to serve the two-week notice period.

So, follow the above Amazon resignation process one week prior to joining your new employment. That will give you enough time to deal smoothly with all the legal formalities.

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