The ABC for Students program will help households throughout Alabama access internet this fall


Our Goal: Broadband for Every K-12 Student

As of December 1, over 125,000 Alabama students have been connected to broadband service through the ABC for Students Program. Governor Kay Ivey has committed $100 million in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding to deliver free internet access to eligible K-12 students in their homes this fall. The State of Alabama will use the funds to purchase internet service for low-income households with K-12 students so the children can participate in distance learning.

Here’s the latest information

  • Information for Schools
    Alabama’s local schools play a key role in the success of the Alabama Broadband Connectivity for Students Program: Because schools regularly communicate with students, the schools are in the best position to inform families about the availability of the Alabama Broadband Connectivity for Students Program. And because students enroll through their local schoolsContinue reading “Information for Schools”
  • Information for Families
    The Alabama Broadband Connectivity for Students program will provide free internet access for eligible students who are enrolled in the National School Lunch Program through their schools. We are working to make the process as easy as possible for students who choose to participate. If your student is enrolled in the National SchoolContinue reading “Information for Families”
  • Information for Internet Service Providers
    The Alabama Broadband Connectivity for Students program is a public-private partnership to increase access to internet for eligible K-12 students across the State. Because of the number of eligible students and the geographic distribution of their homes — not to mention the amount of broadband capacity those students will need during the schoolContinue reading “Information for Internet Service Providers”

To Improve Internet Service in Alabama, Take the SpeedSurvey Test

How fast is your internet service?  Please take a few minutes to find out—and also help the State of Alabama improve internet service across the state—by clicking here and following a few simple steps.

The data from this effort will help document gaps in internet service and help the State close those gaps.

Right now, many homes and businesses are likely receiving far less than current federal definition of broadband internet access: 25 megabits per second (Mbps) download (receiving information over the internet) and 3 Mbps upload (sending out information).

But detailed data is needed to help solve this problem. To work toward giving all Alabamians access to 21st century broadband infrastructure, the State needs to understand exactly what’s available now—and that’s where you come in.

Once you visit the website, enter your address and follow the simple instructions. 



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