Best Academic Planner for Students with ADHD

Academic planners can be a useful tool for routine management for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). That’s because students with ADHD have poor time management, working memory, and organizational skills.

Thus, they struggle to finish their daily tasks and school project on time. However, a daily view student planner can help them track their regular activities. 

ADHD planners can also help you complete your task easily and quickly. So you’ll be less likely to miss your assignment deadlines. 

Since the market is flooded with hundreds of unique organizers, finding the right product for your needs can be challenging. We’ve listed some of the best student planners to save precious time and effort. 

These planners are top-rated based on their price, durability, and features. Let’s take a look. 

5 Best Planners for ADHD Students 

ADHD academic paper planners help make school projects easier. They offer handy planning tools for solving everyday issues. Additionally, they can help you see the big picture with versatile accessories and attractive designs. 

Here are the five best planners you can use to organize your daily student life tasks.

The Epic Self ADHD Paper Planners

The minty green planner by Epic Self can be great for students who like sophistication. It is designed by an ADHD entrepreneur out of care and empathy for ADHD patients. It offers several features ideal for students since it’s crafted using firsthand experience.

This paper planner with pleasing aesthetics is most suitable for ambitious students who dream big. Here are some prominent features of the product:

ADHD Supportive

The stylish organizer supports ADHD brains as it avoids overloading information. It also includes sensory-rich exercises that can help you activate multiple brain regions for more productivity.

With this arranger book, you can better use your tendencies and focus on long-term achievements. 

Goal Planning

The organizing paper planner has separate spaces for planning your everyday goals. In addition, you can set your short-term or long-term goals with custom timeframes.

Additionally, it has overviews for your weekly progress, to-do lists, and a roadmap for future awareness and tracking goals. 

Reminder Section

The goal-oriented book includes features for dumping weekly brain thoughts. It also offers space for ritual zones and planning personal routines.

Reflecting Progress

You may want to reflect on what you’ve achieved during your weekends. Thus, the planner can help you track your mistakes and celebrate weekly achievements. 

ADHD Adult Wilkii Planner

Feeling unmotivated and disorganized? The Wilkie planner can help. As an ADHD student, you may struggle with completing your goals and become sick of not following your routine. 

But don’t be so harsh on yourself, as the Wilkie paper planner can give your tools for planning your weekly and daily activities. It allows control to improve your skills and focus on what’s important. 

Thus, it can encourage you to unlock your full potential. Have a look at what cool features this arranger has to offer:

Get Rid of Procrastination

Procrastination can be a serious problem for students since their life is full of hectic schedules. Thus, you have no time to spare. However, ADHD brain people can spend hours planning their activities instead of getting work done. 

The Wilkie planner can encourage productivity and reduce procrastination. It gives a clearer view of your daily tasks so you won’t miss completing any assignments or important events.

Additionally, the organizer features a 13-week system for avoiding burnout by including downtime for daily outlines. 

Look at the Bright Side

With the Wilkii planner, you can embrace your challenges and have an optimistic approach to your life. In addition, the organizer lets you improve your time management skills so you can enjoy doing your favorite activities. 

You’ll also find plenty of nightly exercises for improving mindfulness by practicing positive thinking and identifying personal skills. 

Achieve Success

Your Wilkii planner can clear the road to success as it allows self-tracking. Then, when you reflect on your progress, you can pen down strategies to increase your strengths. 

The planner offers features for pupils to score their daily and weekly activities. You can use the management features like “next week set-up” to get ready for a new week and beat the Monday blues.

You can also use Growth Habit Tracker Insert to monitor your new skills and competencies. 

The Order Out of Chaos ADHD Planner

Are you struggling with homework submissions? The ADHD student planner by Order Out of Chaos can save you from time management woes. 

The incredible planner has features to let you arrange your assignments. You can also plan your weekend for fun activities and school duties to improve your grades.

Have a look at these factors which make this planner worth buying:

More Control

This paper planner can allow you to control your activities with a special subject tab at your planner’s front. As a result, you may never forget your goal for the day. With two din Purana in this planner, you can focus on reducing frustration and forgetfulness. 

 Plan your study time

The Order Out of Chaos academic planner can be perfect for students with learning disabilities. The planner is designed for students of all ages, from elementary and middle to high school, and virtual, homeschooled, and college pupils. You can use the weekly agenda tabs to organize your homework and study time without worrying about missing deadlines. 

Separate Subject Boxes

The organizing planner offers seven boxes for planning your school activities from 2 PM to 9 PM.

Additionally, the yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily page views or note pages have plenty of space for writing activities and assignments. The organizer also features guides for planning projects and lessons. 

The best part is its attractive Vinyl covers and a useful built-in storage pocket at the back. A secondary tab for subjects is also included. 

S&O Undated Planner

Are you looking for an affordable alternative to plan your daily routine? Worry not, as the S&O planner is exactly made to help you manage your everyday life. 

Let’s explore a few prominent features of this product:

Undated Planner

ADHD students often slack on planning and organizing their goals and schedules. As days go by, pages with dates can become wasted. However, this convenient planner has no dates, so that you can enter dates per your preference. 

Stylish Design 

Whether you track your meals, plan the day, or create a to-do list, the daily planner offers all the tools required for setting goals in style. It has colorful pages to spark joy and cuteness that’ll go unmatched forever. 

Meal and Hydration Tracker

Feeling dehydrated? You must never forget to drink enough water every day. But if you find it hard to plan your water intake, this handy planner can help you monitor your water consumption in a fun way so you never miss a glass. 

In addition, you can use it for tracking your snack menu items and dinner, lunch, and breakfast routines with the weekly meal planner section. 

Custom Habit and Routine Tracker

With the S&O planner, you can track your rapping skills, dog walking routine, and even meditation sessions. The planner features separate tabs for tracking personal habits and skills conveniently. If you’re a fitness freak, it can also be ideal for tracking your goals. 

Planning Goals with Daily Quotes

Inspirational quotes never fail to motivate us for a productive day. The planner has to-do pages with quotes on each page to let you start your day with positivity. 

Clever Fox ADHD Planner

The Clever Fox planner for students can be as clever as the name suggests. It features helpful tools like a vision board to let you set your vision, define your goals, and break them down so you can achieve them practically. 

The planner incorporates your life goals daily, weekly, and agendas. In short, there’s no way back to a disoriented you!

Here’s how you can use this planner to end procrastination and bring your dreams to the real world.

Increase Productivity

If you stay focused, you can process complex information. But for that, you need an ADHD coach to improve your focus. The planner can also help you reduce stress by organizing your routines. Additionally, it is ideal for students wanting to score better on tests and develop new skills. 

With the Clever Fox paper, planners build positive psychology to show the big picture and offer self-development tools to become a better version of themselves. 

Stickers and Quick Start Guide

Who doesn’t love stickers? We all do!

The Clever Fox ADHD planner comes with stickers and a start guide to use your planner effectively. It also comes with keepsake packaging, which makes it an ideal gift. Moreover, you can enjoy using over 150 fun stickers to organize your day. 

Unique and Undated Layouts

Un dated best planners are great for students. That’s because even if you skip a week of planning your routine, you can use the best planner with new dates without wasting any pages. You can also use color ribbons for flipping your monthly views and weekly spreads. 

What Planners are Ideal for ADHD Students?

Daily organizers can range in several features. To find the best planner, you must figure out what works best for you. 

Here are two common planner options you can select for organizing your routine:

Paper Planner

Paper planners can be ideal for students who love customizing. Additionally, they can help many people remember things better. Finally, paper planners can be your go-to selection if you find writing your task on a tangible planner. 

These organizers can have several unique features. For instance, a clear, fun printed cover or bullet journal. 

Online Apps, Software, or Websites

If you’re tech-savvy, online applications and electronic devices can help you plan your goals. These digital organizers have various organizing features, are free to use, and can be compatible with laptops, tablets, and mobile electronic devices.

The best part about online organizers is that you can never misplace your planner unless you forget your phone on the school bus. 

How to Choose the Best School Planner System?

Many companies offer ADHD planners with different features. Although, they all have one specific goal, i.e., to organize your life.

However, choosing the best planner can be a nuisance with so many options. Before you pick one, make sure to use these helpful tips:

  • Ensure high-quality
  • Price
  • Check star ratings
  • Read customer reviews
  • Research about the product
  • Check warranty policy
  • Check return policy

If you can find all these in your arranger, you can opt for your favorite products by checking the looks and design.

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Final Thoughts

ADHD planners for students can be great to help them manage their daily activities. Since student life can bring several challenges, the best planner may assist in overcoming each hurdle. 

You can select organizers for your specific needs by understanding different product offerings. These organizers have multiple features. But, it would help if you focused on the ones that can help you achieve your goals. 

Additionally, make sure your planners are light and convenient to carry. You don’t want to have a bulky planner eat space in your backpack.

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