9 Best Dorm Room Rugs to Transform Your College Space

Dorm living might be temporary, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate your dorm room. We all want to relate to the place we live in, one way or the other. So, adding a little touch of your personality to your dorm room can make your room feel special.

You may have very little space, but that shouldn’t keep you from decorating it. There are a variety of ways for you to transform your college quarters into a home away from home.

One thing that will immediately turn this small space into a cozy little corner is an inexpensive, yet stylish dorm room rug.

Why Do You Need a Dorm Rug?

Decorating your dorm room and making it feel like your own personal space can make a massive difference to your college experience.

You can add wall decor, set up a study table, or add a rug for additional comfort and coziness. It will make your dorm room look more personalized and you will be surprised at how such small changes can make a significant difference to your time at college.

While adding a dorm rug isn’t essential it can nevertheless make you feel more at home. Plus, if you’re living in colder temperatures, then it will make your room feel fuzzier during those harsh winter nights.

Laying down a rug is a simple but excellent way to add character to your dorm room. Why would you want to settle for the bland interior of the average dorm when you can conveniently personalize it to your taste?

Best Dorm Room Rug for College Students

Before we get into all the details regarding dorm room rugs for college students, you need to know what size rug you are going to need. If you don’t know the specifics, then you should know that the most popular size for a dorm rug is either 4×6 feet or 5×8 feet.

These dimensions are ideal for dorms because they take up little space on your floor. You can easily manage a rug of this size, even if you have the smallest dorm.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular dorm room rugs on the market.

PAGISOFE Fluffy Rug for Dorm Rooms

If you are looking for an inexpensive room rug, then the PAGISOFE Fluffy Area Rug is worth checking out. It is a super comfortable and fluffy rug that doesn’t cover the entire floor and adds just that little bit of personality to a room.

It has stellar rating on Amazon and is the perfect rug for students looking to infuse their space with style and comfort.

The rug features a plush-velvet surface and a memory-foam base, making it one of the most comfortable rugs on the market. It has a dimension of 4×6 feet which will fit right into your college quarters. Furthermore, the PAGISOFE Fluffy Area Rug is available in more than 20 colors, so you can easily pick one per your preference and style.


  • Affordable price
  • Fluffy and cozy
  • Available in tons of colors


Tears down eventually

The Ophanie Small Area Rug

If you have minimal floor space in your dorm room but want to personalize it with a rug, then the Ophanie Small Area Rug can be a good option. It has a dimension of 3×5 feet, and the rug will look stunning on your floor.

This shag rug is available in more than five colors and feels very comfortable and cozy. The Ophanie Small Area Rug is also very affordable.

Plus, the level of comfort it offers is unmatched. We recommend that you put it right by your bed, so that it is the last thing to touch your feet before climbing into bed and first thing in the morning after climbing out of bed.


  • Available in different colors
  • Warm and fuzzy material to sit on
  • Excellent size for small dorm rooms


Slightly thinner than expected

JONATHAN Y Boho Vintage Indoor Rug

Style is one of the most critical aspects when decorating a dorm to feel like home. So, here we are with the magnificent and trendy JONATHAN Y Boho Vintage Indoor Area Rug.

It’s a little expensive compared to other rugs on this list. But what makes it worth buying is not just the bohemian style but also the fact that it’s water-resistant.

This dorm rug is available in various colors, from light to bright, so that you can pick one to match the rest of your dorm interior. If you want to add a rustic vibe to your dorm, then go right ahead with this excellent purchase.


  • Water and stain resistant
  • Available in different colors
  • Small yet stylish


Slightly more expensive

Infinity Collection Solid Shag Dorm Rug

We are not sure you if know this, but dorm floors can be hard as a rock. During the winter, the cold tile floors can cause a lot of trouble and might make walking around the dorm difficult. So, here it is, the Infinity Collection Solid Shag Area Rug.

We highly recommend shag rugs for dorm rooms because they are thick and fluffy and take away that cold chilly feeling during winter. So, add some fairy lights to your walls, grab some coffee and spend a lovely evening enjoying this beautiful rug.

The Infinity Collection Solid Shag Area Rug is also available in spectacular color combinations so you have a wide variety to choose from. It feels very soft and fluffy, plust it can withstand rigorous use, so you probably won’t have to change your dorm rug for a long time.


  • It fits perfectly in a dorm room
  • Shag is very comfortable to sit on
  • Budget-friendly


Some users complain that it fell apart sooner than expected

Pink Shag Rug for Girls’ Bedroom

if you are looking for area rugs, then another lovely piece we encountered during our research was the Pink Area Rug for a Girl’s Bedroom. This cute, trendy, fluffy rug is a real winner. It will add style, comfort, and character to your little space.

This pink area rug is excellent for adding a bright vibe to your dorm. If you’d like to create a cozy corner where you can enjoy your winter evenings, then you won’t find a better rug than this one.

And if you’re wondering whether this rug is available in other colors, then the answer is yes! It is available in bright and pastel hues so that you can add the perfect vibe to a college dorm. In addition, the rug is very reasonably priced, making it affordable for students.


  • Rubber backing makes it durable
  • Cozy and comfy area rug
  • Available in different colors, from bright to vibrant


Difficult to clean

Artistic Weavers Odelia Vintage Bohemian Rug

If you have some open floor space in your room or dorm then this bright Artistic Weavers Odelia Vintage Bohemian Rug will make your space look simply stunning. It is the perfect choice for someone who finds plain rugs bland and wants their dorm to be trendier.

Decorating your dorm with this fantastic rug won’t be that difficult. It’s great if you have all-white things in your bedroom and would like to add a little pop of color. The Bohemian Rug is available in different sizes, so you can easily get one that fits your dorm or bedroom.

The rug is made out of polypropylene fibers for maximum durability and is machine-weaved, making it easy to clean. It will make the perfect addition to your room and add a ton of personality to your interior.


  • A perfect chic addition to your dorm
  • Very easy to clean and vacuum
  • Available in different sizes and colors


Slightly thinner than some rugs

Unique Loom Sofia Collection Traditional Vintage Rug

We love bohemian rugs for dorm rooms, especially if they are available in light colors. But, if a chic rug isn’t quite your cup of tea, then maybe this Unique Loom Sofia Collection Vintage Rug could be your vibe.

We loved this rug for its high-end finish. It can add so much character to a small room and matches so many kinds of interiors. Moreover, this multi-purpose rug can be used for most dorm rooms and will also fit perfectly into your living area.

Finding area rugs in bright colors and hues is difficult, so when we came across this one, we knew it had to be on our list of recommendations. If you’re looking for a simple yet trendy rug, you won’t find anything better than the Loom Sofia Traditional Vintage Rug.


  • Available in different colors
  • Great for heavy traffic
  • Easy to clean


Shrinks a little after the first wash

Noahas Luxury Fluffy Rug

If you’re looking for luxurious dorm room rugs that feel warm and fuzzy, then please take a look at the Noahas Luxury Fluffy Rug. If you love to walk barefoot in your room and are searching for a rug that won’t move as you step on it, then maybe you have just found your match!

This luxury plush rug can add texture to your little dorm. It features a non-slip bottom that keeps it in its place no matter how often you move the furniture around.

In addition, the Noahas Luxury Fluffy Rug is available in many colors, so you can pick one that matches your bedding.

It is available in over six sizes, so there is something available for everyone. The warm, thick shag invites you to grab your pillows and even sleep on the rug if you want to!


  • Plush and super cozy
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Minimal design


A thin layer of foam

Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection Dorm Rug

If you are looking for a more neutral color for your dorm rug, then check out the Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection Dorm Rug. It features just the right amount of elegance and trendiness so that you can use it in different rooms for the ultimate convenience.

This high-quality product is stain-resistant with a super soft surface. It will easily match the bedding or decor of your room.

With a stunning geometric pattern, this rug is bound to enhance the style of your dorm room. The rug feels very soft to the touch and is available in five different dimensions for you to choose from.

It is a bit more expensive than most rugs in this article, but you could always split the cost with your roommate.


  • Soft to the touch and easy to vacuum
  • Great value for money
  • Can be laid anywhere in the apartment


  • Slightly expensive

Final Verdict

So, these were some of the best dorm room rugs we came across during our search. Most dorm rugs are 5 feet square, fitting perfectly into an average dorm room. Putting your feet on a soft and fuzzy rug first thing in the morning after getting out of bed is the best feeling.

If you’re having trouble finding a rug that speaks to your style, you can switch up the colors or try matching something with your decor. We are sure that would help.

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