Dorm Cleaning Supplies Every New Student Will Need

Do you know that almost 60% of students live in dorms associated with private colleges and universities? These students are responsible for cleaning their dorm rooms because that’s how dorm life is.

You might be wondering what cleaning supplies you will need if you also opted to live in a college dorm. That’s the confusing part, especially for those students who generally enjoy a messy environment!

But don’t worry, as this article will tell you about ten dorm cleaning supplies every student should have.

Why is it Important to Keep Your Dorm Room Clean?

In a survey, 88% of students said that an unclean dorm room became a distraction while they were studying. That means you can’t properly focus on your studies when you don’t have a clean dorm room.

You already know that living in a clean space is a human instinct. So, you need to keep your dorm room clean with supplies which we’ll discuss in this post.

Remember that your dorm room is your home for the rest of your college years. The same goes for university students. There will be no one to help you clean your dorm when you move there, and things will be the same for the next 2-6 years.

Some colleges and universities have strict dorm cleaning policies, and if you don’t adhere to them, officials have the right to kick you out of the institution.

Things might be more serious if your room is the first apartment in the building, and will be the first thing that the officers who frequently check students and their rooms will see!

Therefore, you must know what dorm supplies are essential for cleaning your dorm room.

Ten Essential Cleaning Supplies for Dorm Rooms

The following dorm cleaning supplies list is affordable for college students. So, make sure you get all these dorm essentials.

Remember to check the expiry date of the products, especially the time-sensitive chemicals as they might react dangerously when disturbed.

Trash Bags

You might see a small garbage can once you enter your college dorm. What you won’t find are any actual trash bags lying around to collect the garbage! Since living in college often results in lots of clutter, you must bring a pack of trash bags with you to throw the following things away:

  • Wrappers
  • Cans
  • Tissue papers
  • Leftovers
  • Disposable utensils

Those bags help you manage your garbage so that your dorm room remains tidy. Remember to place the trash bag outside your dorm room once it’s full. Then, the cleaning service will take it away.

Trash Can

One small trash can might not be enough, especially if you have a roommate. You are probably going to need a separate can and your roommate will need the same.

If you share a can there is a good chance one or both of you will end up trying to do the old basketball-dunk, with the result that your tiny space will rapidly become even more cluttered. So, you should either both have your own trash can, or the one you share should be placed somewhere convenient for both of you.

Laundry Basket

Students usually don’t live an organized life, especially if they live in a dorm. They tend to throw their dirty clothes everywhere and wait for laundry day. Their room rapidly becomes a mess because there are dirty clothes everywhere.

Therefore, buy a laundry basket and put your dirty clothes in it. Then, on laundry day, take the basket to the washing machine and empty it. That will keep your clothing situation manageable.

Another advantage of using a basket is that you will wash all the clothes without leaving any dirty clothes behind.

Drying Rack

Sometimes the dryer in your college laundry doesn’t work properly and you end up with a bunch of wet clothes. You can’t stash them in your cupboard – you need to get them completely dry before you can wear them again.

A drying rack will help you dry out your wet clothes. It will keep your clothes safe, and you can also spread them out without cluttering up the rest of your dorm.

Vacuum Cleaner

This is the best appliance to keep your dorm room free from trash and dirt. You can either buy a traditional vacuum or the robot model. The latter will be a bit pricier, but it will automatically keep your room clean.

The traditional model is noisy and requires manual operation. So, get the robot vacuum cleaner to clean your dorm room so you can focus on your studies while that robot picks up your junk and deals with it.

A vacuum cleaner will keep your dorm dust-free, which will help enormously if you are prone to allergies.

Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning a toilet is gross; let’s face it. However, you must keep it clean if you live in a college dorm. The toilet is one of those places that will affect the air quality in your room!

You need to use the all-purpose cleaner and keep your dorm room smelling good. Ensure you clean the following regularly and thoroughly:

  • Commode
  • Shower
  • Sink

Regularly cleaning your toilet will keep your dorm room healthy and fresh. You must also clean the doorknobs using all-purpose cleaning supplies. So, draw up a schedule and clean your toilet every few weeks for the most hygienic results.

Air Purifier

You might have to spend a little extra to enhance the quality of your dorm room by installing an air freshener. You could buy a can of air freshener or mount an air purifier with a timer on your dorm wall.

Remember to first ask your roommate if they’re okay with that. Some people are allergic to air purifiers.

So, clean the toilet and spray your room before leaving for class. After returning, take a deep breath and enjoy a healthy evening in your dorm room.

Paper Towels

You must keep at least two rolls of paper towels while living in your dorm room. You should also order another roll once one is amost used up. Paper towels are super helpful and serve multiple purposes, like:

  • Cleaning spills
  • Drying hands
  • Cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Cleaning doorknobs

You can also use them in your kitchen as they work with all cleaning products. For example, if you have tiles in your room you can use paper towels to clean them.

Disinfectant Spray

Germs and bacteria can easily enter public places like your dorm. So, the best practice is to keep an all-purpose disinfectant among your cleaning supplies. Since dorm rooms are accessible to almost everyone, you never know who might bring in diseases.

This spray also keeps the indoor environment fresh by dealing with bad odors. You can spray it on hard surfaces like a desk, closet, drawer, floor, bed, tile, and broom.

So, disinfectant is a must-have product for a germ-free dorm life.

Clorox Wipes

These wipes are useful to sanitize the surfaces of your dorm room, like bedding, the closet, and floors. Some experts also suggest using these wipes to wash the dishes. However, you should be careful while doing so. Why?

Clorox wipes contain chemicals that are dangerous when ingested. So, always wash your dishes completely with water and detergent, use paper towels to absorb the water, and then let them dry in the open air.

Therefore, read the instructions on the wipes before using them to avoid health risks.

How Do You Clean College Dorms?

The dorm cleaning supplies listed above are commonly available in supermarkets with the directions written on the packaging. However, you still check out these guidelines on how to clean dorm rooms using cleaning supplies.

Remember that you must be careful using chemicals while cleaning your dorm room as they may be dangerous for your skin and should not be ingested.

So, the best idea is to read the product instructions carefully and clean your room with your roommate. That will give you some company, and help you take care of each other.


Where Should I Store Cleaning Supplies in a Dorm Room?

You can store the cleaning supplies in the following places:

  • Behind the door
  • The corner of the room
  • In the bathroom

Remember that cleaning supplies carry germs, and you might become infected if you keep them near places where you eat or sit. You must also not keep these supplies in the following places:

  • A Closet
  • Near bedding
  • Near dishes

Since dorm rooms are not spacious, you must utilize the space wisely by designating a specific area to keep your cleaning supplies.

How Do I Keep My Dorm Bathroom Clean?

Draw up a schedule and regularly clean your dorm bathroom to keep it fresh. You must use specific bathroom cleaning supplies to carry out this job. Remember to read the instructions carefully before using these products.

Bathroom cleaners usually contain hazardous chemicals which are dangerous if inhaled, ingested, or even touched.

Therefore, read the directions on the cleaning supplies carefully and use the quantities specified. You might also need to wear gloves and masks while using these products.

What Should You Not Have in your Dorm?

Some colleges have strict policies regarding the consumption of alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, and other substances, which you must follow. Make sure you know the rules and never bring banned substances into your dorm room.

Remember that your institution has full authority to raid your dorm room whenever they want. So, it is probably better to steer clear of such activities.

Final Words

Make a checklist of the dorm cleaning supplies you will need while preparing for your temporary abode. These supplies are readily available. So, pack them in your backpack and keep your dorm room healthy and clean!

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