Questions to Ask During Philanthropy Round

So, you got admitted to the US or Canadian college of your choice and have heard a little about Greek life. You see posters and banners displaying sorority life, rush week, and upcoming events. Being a newcomer, you are excited to know more but lack the confidence to ask.

But then a senior sorority sister approaches you, and you tell her that you are interested in sorority recruitment. Your interview is scheduled, and the day comes.

The sorority recruitment process is easy until the sisters ask, “Do you have any questions?” That’s the decisive part that shows your interest in joining a sorority.

If you are confused about what questions to ask the sorority, this article is for you!

What is a Sorority?

When you start your college life, you will see different organizations led by students. One of them is a sorority governed by female students known as sorority sisters. A similar male version of this society is known as a fraternity, run by male students.

College societies serve different purposes. For example:

  • Academic support
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Donations and charity

Similarly, society members create a sense of community within the campus by organizing events. New female students can apply to join sororities through the recruitment process.

Sororities help students to enjoy a balanced life and not burn out due to academic stress. Unfortunately, since college studies are not easy, many students fail to keep their academic and social life in balance, thereby affecting their mental health.

A sorority chapter also creates networking opportunities for graduating students. It may open doors of employment later in life as sisters stay connected after college.

Many sororities are on the lookout for new members and want to spread awareness. The sisters want other students to join their society to expand their network.

That’s how the members of the sorority maintain a friendly environment within the campus.

What is a Sorority Recruitment Process in Sorority Life?

Joining a sorority is optional, but it might help you:

  • Increase your confidence
  • Form friendships
  • Assist other students
  • Participate in philanthropy events

If you wish to join a sorority, you must go through the recruitment process, which is divided into three parts: Open house or house tours, philanthropy, and preference. If a sorority chapter has a house, you must go on the house tours.

The recruitment round begins during rush week. This way you can observe the rush in sorority sisters once recruitment week begins.

There are always sorority women around to help you and to answer your queries. You will find them at these events and where you can just walk up to somebody and start asking them questions. They will tell you all about sorority recruitment.

What is Open House?

This is the first and most informal round during which you can learn about the sororities in your college. A senior sister will lead you and other potential new members (PNMs) to the houses.

A sorority house is full of girls doing fun activities like dancing, partying, and planning events. Once you enter the house, one of the girls will take you to a chair and start talking to you. That’s how they treat a new member.

After a few minutes, another girl will come and talk to you, and that will happen for a few more minutes. Then, another sorority sister will take the rush chair and give a humorous speech, followed by an activity.

What is House Tour?

In this round, a sister will take you on a tour of different sororities. Since you have already visited some sorority houses, you will have more time to talk to the sisters. You can also learn more about the college’s different sororities, their history and how they work.

There are no speeches like the one at the open house, so this will give you more time to explore the different sororities in this round.

What are Philanthropy Rounds?

The sorority’s philanthropy round is either a skit performance or a philanthropy event. The sorority organizes skits in which sorority sisters choose a theme and perform accordingly. The choice of songs, the theme of the skit, the type of humor, and the general vibe will give you an idea of what type of sorority this is.

You can also ask about the skit and its theme to decide whether joining this sorority is your cup of tea.

Some sorority chapters organize philanthropy events where sisters collect donations, spread awareness about health issues, educate the underprivileged, and organize ration drives.

The sorority’s foundation is based on philanthropy, and sisters organize different events throughout the year for various causes.

What is Preference Night?

The preference night (a pref night) is the final round of the rush week, where you will get to know your chapter’s sorority. This round is also the most serious, and there is generally less partying and fun.

Some senior members might run presentations and talk about the sorority’s structure, its values, and how it helped other members.

What Should I Ask During the Philanthropy Round of Recruitment?

If you want to join a sorority in your college, you must be prepared for the interview. The first task is to accept a bid on the bid day. Then you are evaluated based on your:

  • Character
  • Confidence
  • Interests
  • Personality

You might not know that senior members are observing you during the sorority events like parties, skits, intramural sports, talking sessions, and more. So, the best approach is to be confident and talk with other women to learn more about sororities in your school or university.

You should know that sororities are always on the lookout for potential new members. Since first-year students are more energetic, senior sisters try to direct each potential new member toward joining the most relevant sorority.

The potential new members are confused yet determined. They only need a focus to find their genuine interest. So, before sitting down to an interview with the members, you should talk to other members and ask them what things are like in that specific sorority.

Questions to Ask Sorority Members During the Philanthropy Round

Here are some of the questions to ask in sorority recruitment:

  • What’s your dream sorority?
  • What’s your favorite sisterhood event?
  • Can you share your favorite memory related to a sorority?
  • How is sorority related to the Greek community?
  • How does the chapter’s philanthropy work?
  • Do other clubs join the chapter’s philanthropy?
  • How does your chapter bond during vacations?
  • How do sorority women create a sisterhood after graduation?
  • What does the chapter offer to senior members?
  • Can new sisters participate in the members council?

The unique thing about the interview is that senior members might very well not ask any difficult questions at all. Since it’s not a job interview and you voluntarily join the chapter’s philanthropy, they will observe whether you can multitask.

The sorority’s philanthropy campaigns run during the academic year. So, you need to take care of your grades and performance while simultaneously helping with the campaign.

They might also ask you about your previous grades and whether you volunteered in activities like these. They seek candidates who have already done voluntary work in different organizations.

So, keep that in mind while you are giving the interview. If they don’t ask about your previous participation, take the initiative to change the course of the conversation and inform them of your volunteering experience. That will help you get into a sorority without much effort.

Another advantage of your experience is you will get leadership opportunities before the first academic year if you prove yourself a worthy candidate.

Why is it Important to Ask Sorority Sisters Questions?

Not everyone on campus is eligible to join a sorority. Sisters only give an opportunity to those interested in joining them. So, asking questions shows interest, and that’s one of the key criteria for joining a sorority.

The interviewer might only ask you go-to questions and then observe your body language and eye contact. They might also ask what your biggest fear is and things like that.

Therefore, you must answer questions confidently and keep the conversation flowing. As a result, you might receive leadership opportunities on campus and after graduation.


What Do You Talk About During The Preference Round with Sorority Members?

You can talk about sorority history, the relationship between this society and Greek civilization, and how it helps students in the future.

What Questions Should I Ask My PNMs?

Start with asking general questions to find out what they are interested in. Then, after a couple of questions, start asking them more difficult questions about their life philosophy, what value money has for them, and what makes them angry.

How Does A Sorority Chapter Support A Student’s Academic Career?

Senior members of a sorority teach new members and give them academic guidance. Usually, you will find high achievers in these societies. These students are versatile and balance their academic and social life well.

You can approach them and ask for advice in a friendly manner if you are a sorority little (new member). They will certainly help you by giving advice or directing you to a more relevant senior or a sorority big (one-year senior).


Philanthropy is about serving humanity, so you must find out whether the candidate’s heart is compassionate enough to help others. Ask questions that measure their empathy and open-heartedness. That will help you filter out sincere members for the sorority’s philanthropy round.

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